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More than half the U. Washington state has the second-most cases, with nearly 2, confirmed and 95 deaths. New Jersey, California and Illinois round out the top five states. New York plans to run a clinical trial, beginning Tuesday, of a treatment regimen of antimalarial hydroxychloroquine and antibiotic azithromycin, a drug cocktail that has shown promise in fighting the coronavirus.

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China, where the outbreak started in December, still has the most cases at over 81, China's 3, deaths are second to Italy's 5, deaths. Italy is second in total cases at over 59, The U. The company disclosed criminal charges related to its role in sparking Camp Fire that destroyed the town of Paradise, California. Under the proposed deal, two Icahn allies would receive seats on the Occidental board, and a third independent director would be mutually agreed upon by Icahn and Occidental.

Coca-Cola KO was upgraded to overweight from neutral at JPMorgan Chase, which points to rebound prospects post-coronavirus and the idea that consensus estimates for revenue and profit are conservative.

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Amazon AMZN is raising overtime pay for warehouse workers amid a surge in online shopping. Amazon's move follows a similar action from rival Walmart WMT , which raised the minimum wage for e-commerce warehouse workers. The test can deliver results in about 45 minutes, compared to lab results which can take days.

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Apple AAPL dropped a two-device limit on online iPhone purchases, just days after instituting that limit. Apple brick-and-mortar stores outside China remain closed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Gilead Sciences GILD put emergency access to its experimental coronavirus drug remdesivir on hold due to overwhelming demand. Starbucks SBUX is closing most of its company cafes across North America for two weeks, limiting service to drivethrough.

President Trump hints at a short shutdown: “I’m not looking at months.”

Sometimes even a drug that has the same name may have different ingredients and applications in the US versus Europe. The drug known as Vivelle in both the United States and Austria is not the same thing in those two countries. In the US, Vivelle is prescribed for estrogen deficiency or menopausal disorders active ingredient: estradiol. Vivelle in Austria is an oral contraceptive and acne medicine active ingredients: ethinylestradiol, norgestimate. The two different medicines with the same name not only have different purposes, but they can also have very different side effects.

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A recent article in the Wall Street Journal pointed out the dangers for American travelers overseas who get medical prescriptions filled in a foreign country. The Journal cited the true story of an American who got a prescription for his Dilacor hypertension medication filled in Serbia. The Serbian Dialcor, despite its identical name, is not the same drug at all. It is intended for congestive heart failure and has a different ingredient than the US version. The man survived the mix-up, but his case illustrates the hazard of identical drug names with very different ingredients.

Apparently, there is no international body responsible for helping people avoid the dangers of different drugs with the same brand name. Talk about confusing! And that is just one drug.

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Unavailable Drugs Another, only slightly less serious concern is the fact that some drugs may not be available at all, under any name. I had this experience myself.

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I showed the German pharmacist the rash on my leg, and asked him if he had something that might help. He sold me a tube of ointment that worked so well, I later tried to find it in the US.

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  6. Aspercreme contains trolamine salicylate, but no aspirin! The only way I can get that medication is to buy it in Germany. One can only wonder why it is okay to have aspirin in a German ointment, but not in an American salve. Bringing Drugs vs Shipping Drugs This points out the importance of knowing if a particular drug is available overseas or not. If not, you need to bring an adequate supply with you with a written prescription from your physician, for customs.

    Be aware that German law prohibits the mailing or shipment of drugs, including prescription medicines, to private persons in Germany from the US or other foreign countries. However, if you are carrying prescribed medicine with you while traveling to Germany, that is permitted.