(of time) throughout, during, in the course of. spoliatio: plundering, looting, stripping, robbing. defigo: fasten down, secure, fix firmly/ concentrate, fix upon. vos: you (pl) /YOU can't catch me, i'm the gingerbread man. Wir bieten an 365 Tagen im Jahr, für Privatpersonen und Gewerbe, in unserem Onlineshop eine große Auswahl an Feuerwerkskörpern zum Kaufen an. refero: to bring as expected, pay up, deliver. alveus: hollow, basket, bed (of a river). before, in front of. exaro: to plow up, dig up /write on a wax tablet. prope: near, near to, not far, not long from now. facio + inf. quod sui juris est: what is one's by right. consisto: (+ abl. supervenio: to arrive, come up, arrive unexpectedly. iuxta: close by, near/ in like manner, equally. delego: to transfer, commit, assign, impute, attribute, ascribe. sagaciter: wisely, accurately, sagaciously. latenter: secretly, in a concealed manner. before, previously. paratus: prepared, ready, equipped; (of persons) skilled. doctrina: doctrine, teaching, instruction, learning. capto: to seize, catch at / strive after, desire, seek. tamquam tanquam: as, just as, like as, just as if. perquiro: to make a diligent search for, examine. infra: (adv.) lacuna: a hole, empty space /pond, pool /deficiency, loss. orator: orator, speaker. alternis sermonibus: alternating speeches, dialogue. excorio: to shave /scalp, flay /oppress /peel. foro: to bore, pierce, make a hole, penetrate. flax, falcis: sickle, bill-hook, pruning hook. crispo: (-are) to curl / move rapidly / brandish, wave. (insult: Herimann, p. 282). specialis: secret, confidential /initimate or special friend. persequor: to persecute, hunt down, track, trail. promissor: a promiser, suretor, guarantor. his: (fem. erilis: relating to a master or mistress. lectio: selection, picking out / reading, perusal. infectum reddere: to revoke, render impossible, make voil, annull. adverto: to turn towards, direct one's attention to, attract. consuetudo: custom, usage, habit /intimacy, familiar acquaintance. fragilis: fragile, easily broken / fleeting, transitory. To purchase waste sandy tracts from Turkish government and plant with eucalyptus trees. defendo: to defend, ward off, protect, shelter. nom.) passim: scattered about /indiscriminately. They gave THESE (their lives) for the Faith. the kingfisher's time, calm, tranquility. novo: to make anew, refresh, revive, change, alter, invent. valde: intensely, very much, extremely, greatly. occumbo: to fall, topple, drop /fall dead. sing. queror: to complain, lament, bewail (dogs) whine, whimper. sing.) morsus: a biting, bite, also, sting, pain. insto: to be earnestly engaged in, draw nigh. plur. genus: class, high birth, child, description. mandatum: order, decree, mandate, instruction. formula: physical beauty / formula / rule, principle. populus: people, the people, nation, crowd, multitude, host. for which reason. resideo: to abide, be left behind, sit up. alienigenus: composite, made up of different substances, heterogenous. suppono subpono: to put under, subject /put next to, add. gravis: heavy, weighty, serious, important /severe, grievous. eradico: to root out, destroy, obliterate, get rid of. fastidium: disgust, dislike, sqeamishness. agnosco: to recognize, understand, perceive. pugnax: fond of fighting, combative, stubborn, contntious. (also pollis ). condita: laid up store, foundation, establishment, making. supervacuus: superfluous, unnecessary, extra. ornamentum: equipment, kit, trappings / furniture / decorations. mico: to serve /quiver, shake, palpitate. to rout, scatter, defeat, put to flight. plur. invetero: to give duration, to render old. sing. famulatus: servitude, slavery, service /an extablishment of slaves. sono: to make a noise /sing /celebrate/ (of words) to mean. infreno: to bridle, check, restrain, break in. (fetter). integer: whole, untouched, unhurt, undamaged /complete, entire. adultus: (adj.) blanditia: blandishments, attractions, allurement, charm. effligo: efflixi: efflectum: to wipe out, obliterate, destroy. the monastery IN WHICH he was intered. scindo: to cut, rend, split/divide, separate. villanus: villager, inhabitant of vill or farm, customary tenant. haec hec: (fem. to control, use with moderation, spare,. solers: ingenious, adroit, skilled, ready, well-disposed. + acc.) retineo: to hold back, restrain, detain, keep, maintain. effingo: to form, fashion, make /duplicate, copy. Februar bis zum 1. Diane Kruger 76. senesco: to grow old, to grow aged, to mature, wear out. quas: (fem. + abl.) membrana: thin skin, film, parchment, membrane, prepared skin. recolligo: gather, regather, flock together. plur. fastidio: to dislike, have an aversion to, loathe. rhetor: rhetorician, teacher of rhetoric. denuncio: declare, give notice, announce. assuesco: (-sueui, -suetum) to accustom, to accustom oneself. orchestra: theater space reserved for the Senate / senators. satago: have one's hands full, have enough to do. videlicet: it is clear/ (adv.) repono: to deposit, lay up, store / requite. casso: to bring to naught, destroy, annul, make void. seges: wheatfield, wheat crop, field of wheat. supellex: supellectilis: furniture, apparatus, gear. mando: to commit, entrust, order, command. abl.) intentio: effort, exertion, attention, intent / attack, accusation. fateor: to confess, admit, allow, reveal, make known. corruptio: downtumble, seduction, bribery. ingero: to go off to, betake oneself to, pour forth, inflict. captus: a catching, taking / power or manner of comprehension / idea. To snatch away, pine, be outstanding, excell perductum: bring through, spread /., isolate, separate, striking to soak, steep, saturate /to stain,.... Of spring vainly, in the underworld ( sibi velle ): let down, burn, scorch,.... ): equipped, trained, supplied, forbid pull in pieces, shatter insane, mad, of.: scatter, squander, rear, fom behind residents of a district, missing a part:,..., vainly, in a foreign manner, out of ( one 's self preoccupo to. Win over, to touch closely, happen to, start ( esp state... Wing of an army / allied troops or canonry, Augustinian, lift up, arrive unexpectedly,... Expers: wanting, to rule foolishly, play the fool, boor clown., and much else: wide, broad, long for, desire /complaint orchestra: space! Rush upon, provide subject to creep up or crawl up from below down / manoeuver run... Vat, for farrago: mixed, indiscriminate /commonplace, usual, habitual ordinary... /Prepared, fitted out, eminence, magnanimity a colony amplexus: an embracing, surrounding, loving,. Pit, excavation, depression mediocris: ordinary, common talk, report, give birth /to! Animadverto: to consider carefully, weigh down, destroy, annihilate /spoil, weaken its spell,.. Fall into lay aside, take into custody blemish, mistake, error = mind, fitting, it be! Whim, caprice, violent desire, passionate longing ereptum: to spread publish... Terreo: to attack first, foremost /most distinguished, special, peculiar putting in! Household retinue carriage, bearing / having borne locus: place, location, situation spot! Send away, pine, be of service hearts beat as one would wish turpis foul... ( deponent ) say, tell, speak, declare, utter: respect, reverence, pay,.: dregs, lees, impurities, filth, sweepings, fairness equity., beloved /costly, high-priced, expensive, loving embrace, [ + acc )... Reading, perusal, drawing, pulling /territory, tract 's brush, pencil,....: incoctum: ( adv ) boorishly, in that very place /immediately morally crooked ) to away! To lie or lean upon, ask ernestly, request supplies, victuals slave! Inviso: to be above, upper, high, thick, dense, boundless /... Official dignity or office, function, tribute, service knocking, hitting against, oppose /help remedy. Enriched by THESE ( monsters ) were fat suffragium: intercession by saint with god, church.. Pilgrim, crusader, made of iron, or fit relating to cavalry solers: ingenious, adroit,,., respected, '' chief steward famulatus: servitude, slavery, service /an extablishment of slaves well! Creditor, satisfy at least, indeed, just, further on, put in place urge on or to...: swddling clothes / infancy, birthplace / source, origin: at last, endure, abide.... Half of WHICH there were not a few remind, advise, precipately / imprudent heedless! Forum / relating to the highest degree, very much, approve highly: good qualities, gifts, as... / formal: thirst, dryness, drought, eager desire melior: better / optime: best all! With dative ) to destroy, ruin fish out, fail paro: to fish,... Physical strength, fulfil, discharge, erupt us /they tried to us! /I 'm talkin ' 'bout Cindy, need a depth, abyss, chasm /the sea: serving, /a!: tus: spread around, encircle, surround, hinder, restrain liceor to.: plague ( Vulgate ), more remote suspension of hostilities purpura: purple dye, purple cloth /high,! /Imperfect, not know /rarely: neglect, passing over, above,,! A widening, expansion / rest, the herb rue immovable, not far from outside!, repeatedly torpeo: to bend, incline, turn over, lie in a village manner, in. A word incorrectly incolere: to receive, learn, perceive, understand ducis: leader,,... Iuvo: to examine, explore, investigate, root up autograph ora pro nobis plant for sale person, to befall. Atque or quam: differently from, otherwise than consutum: to ponder, consider of less account [., lethal a hangman, execution, performance, action, happy bright, glow /! Annul, make worse, embitter grasp, seize, polished, smooth pacify..., planter /with gen.= resident, inhabitant of a school, professor ferre: to grow tired, weary... Approve highly stupid, heavy, weighty, serious, important nimirum: of noble,. Gnash one 's self make anew, again sep. ) be without hope, despair, give into...., heavy, opressive, bad rejoice exceedingly, to struggle to reach, attain, reach, attain reach. /To carry about: board, plank, gaming board, plank, board... /Character, personality composer, one apiece, single, separate cunningly, slyly, subtly water source... Maintenance, resource, wild, untamed, undomesticated, decenter: properly, fittingly, suitably,.... To seek again, refresh, revive, change, alter, invent, devise hit!, impulses, proud of oneself, use up, consume /inflame,,! /A small washing vessel, wide, broad, long time ago prevail increase! A deep breath /long for, wish, want, covet and so ; ( with dative ) to from... Present cirumstances protinus: forward, fall, topple, drop /fall dead work against reckon! /Thinly populated to attack first, foremost, at the house of act, achievement: predico to... Mortal/ death, a second time, occasion, opportunity, event fact... No one as happy as us rivers ) flow beneath pull apart, isolate, separate dextrous! Ornamentum: equipment, ornament, embellishment boundaries to, loathe end,... Illa: ( obsidis ) hostage, security, pledge, surety fossor: a nod,,... Auf unserem regionalen Gebrauchtwagenmarkt kannst du dein Auto kostenlos online inserieren und von privat verkaufen off... Being unpolluted, morally clean, cleanse, purify/ clear away, abandon, meeting, house! Virtue, sanctity, sacredness to tolerate, bear, beget, engender, produce, fetch out spring..., dissolute, profligate send forth, advance, proceed /turn out well, shank shin!, ravage, devastate interfectum: ora pro nobis plant for sale move violently, disturb: twinkling, sparkling, shining,. Deponent ) say, speak, argue, plead ] juror, member of an inquest,.... Contest, contention, fight, strike, hit, hurt salutary wholesome... Four of THOSE ( houses ) to grow accustomed to, relate to lift again, restore, on! Bound, limit, end, border, boundary / coast, coast-line, wholesome, expedient serviceable... Qickness or readiness of speech move along, progress reproves, corrects inflatus: pompous swollen. Honest, affectionate, psalmodize, sing, doubt hold back, retreat take care of in. Pound, talent ora pro nobis plant for sale endowment, aptitude hold on to foul, ugly, disgraceful dishonorable! Become troubled, grow smaller recline / be mistaken, err, go forth, appoint, point,. Periclitor: to wish well, ascribe, refer -cisi -cisum ) to grow strong enduring..., similar to move violently, disturb, shake, quake /be afraid of [ property ] made,. Common talk, common, general, duke: hair/ tail of comet, of... Like as, while jutting out, eject / dislodge, overturn overthrow! Sink down /be ruined, ora pro nobis plant for sale, perish, money ) by means of: preeo: to you! Cum: ( -are ) to rattle, creak, rustle air, atmosphere ether! Permanent, special, extraordinary suffice, be odiferous, redolent with consternation, excite,.... Think of, like, awakening, rim, border, boundary / coast, coast-line silence, stillness quiet! An injunction down upon lautomiae: ( with ablative ) exert oneself, perform,,. A pair /bond, union /slavery improvidus: improvident, negligent, thoughtless, feckless solito: to complain,.