For more lighting ideas, head over to our hub page. Video: Sarah Kobos, The Casper Glow Light takes 2½ hours to charge from fully depleted to fully juiced. Next in our list is the Philips wake up light with its sleek design and impressive range of wake up features. Light pause. It’s a complete bedside device that includes an FM radio, an alarm clock and, of course, the main function we’re considering — … Surprisingly, it’s really well made. This may make you feel less tired. Online mattress seller Casper has made its first-ever gadget: a smartphone-controlled smart light called the Glow. It also offers thoughtful extras such as five alarm tones, a good radio, and a backup alarm; plus, it looks sleeker and feels sturdier than similarly priced and cheaper models. The wake-up light doesn’t mimic the colors of sunrise, despite the clock’s 20 “mood-light” options (including red and orange), nor does it fill up the room. In bedrooms where more than one Casper Glow is used, each light can be synchronized via Bluetooth for automatic dimming throughout the room. (The SmartSleep HF3670 is the updated model of our previous upgrade pick, the Somneo HF3650.). We think it’s the intuitive app that truly makes the upgrade worth it, allowing you to program your sunrise and sunset times and other features much more easily than navigating the buttons on the clock. There’s also a radio, which sounds as good as on our upgrade pick, the Philips Somneo, and can serve as an alarm tone too. The audio alarm—a choice of five not-always-calming nature options (ocean waves but also a thunderstorm), plus a buzzer—grows quite loud, but the highest brightness level barely fills the corner of the room, let alone the whole space. Try the innovative new bedroom lighting designed with sleep in mind. Despite not offering a built-in alarm clock, this model still has a lot to offer. Is the pillow shipped through FedEx, UPS, DHL, or another delivery service? Online mattress seller Casper made a notable entrance into the smart home market earlier this year with the Glow, a smartphone-controlled bedside light. 4.5 out of 5 stars 2,029. Even at its peak, the light doesn’t quite fill the room—it’s only 130 lux, compared with our main pick’s 300 and the entry-level Philips’s 200. Fitfort Alarm Clock Wake Up Light. When your tough-love moment arrives, the device flashes urgently like hazard lights and emits a sound like a car that won’t start— right next to your bed. The simple introduction of bright light itself may be helpful to vanquish jet lag, but there’s something about the gradual reveal of light that makes these clocks more appealing to folks who aren’t morning people, who despise the jolt of a conventional alarm, or who need help rolling out of bed during darker fall and winter mornings. You might be wondering how a sunrise alarm works, considering that your eyes are closed when you sleep. The Philips Wake-Up Light HF3520 offers the best features at the most reasonable price. While most wake up lights come with a built-in alarm clock, it's certainly not the case for all of them. Or are you more conscious about the aesthetic appeal? Unfortunately, the light isn’t so much a gradually swelling sunrise as it is a lamp with a brightening switch that turns itself on in stilted increments. I’ve loved my pair of Casper Glow Lights for the year that I’ve had them, but they’re not a practical purchase for most ($229 for a pair).. When it comes to design, the Casper Glow Light just can't be beaten. VERY GOOD. Bodyclock Luxe 700FM £170.00. Six pleasant tones (piano music, a babbling brook) sound off when the light is at its brightest. It’s for anyone who is eager to use their clock as an accessory for an entire sleep ritual. Thanks to its small and compact size, you can use this wake up light anywhere in your home. Casper, the mattress company, has branched out from memory foam to create the Glow, a small, portable light designed for the bedroom that’s designed to help you fall … I haven’t yet tested the accuracy of the sensors’ readings, but they seemed generally on the mark—you just need to walk into my bedroom to know it. Fan of design & pixel beefy boys. Since this guide first published, in late 2018, I’ve been long-term testing this clock in my son’s room, and it has held up well so far. If you’re not ready to spring for either of our main picks, we recommend the hOmelabs Sunrise Alarm Clock. Like the Philips upgrade pick, the iHome offers an extensive wind-down program, yet costs about a quarter of the price. This means that, if 30 minutes before your alarm the app detects you are in light sleep, it will wake you up and you can start your day in a more alert state than if you were dragged out of REM by a blaring alarm. Despite being almost half the price of many other models on our list, this model still offers many of the perks associated with a quality wake up light. Here's everything you need to know: Stylish design This Bluetooth-connected model has many of the same features as our main pick, but with some nice-to-have extras like a USB charging port, soothing sunrise lighting, and multiple alarms. It also offers some other special features, like temperature, humidity and light sensors, and the ability to log your sleep and wake up times in the app, but these are simply nice-to-haves. In our tests, the light made the clock feel hot, an issue I didn’t experience with any of the Philips models. FEATURED PRODUCTS. Unlike with the Philips clocks, both the light and the sound stop (instead of just the sound) when you hit snooze; at least one online reviewer disliked this, though my husband actually preferred it. Compared with the many other low-priced sunrise alarms that look the same on Amazon, the hOmelabs Sunrise Alarm Clock—with more than 4,800 reviews at this writing—stood out. While it took a few tries to figure out how to change the settings, now that I have the hang of it, it's really easy. (However, if you have trouble getting out of bed, a dedicated wake-up alarm clock probably remains best.). The Casper Glow is designed as an antidote. It’s not the most advanced wake-up light on this list, but it’s certainly the most useful. An adjustable timer will choose one of the five different light levels to give you the optimum treatment – this is typically 30 minutes at full brightness. It’s built with all the stuff you’ll find in the high-end clocks; it’s just not nearly as luxe. Complete with a choice of six LED light shades, it's also possible to customise your lighting according to your mood. Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep and Wake-Up Light HF3670, La Crosse Technology C85135 Mood Light and Nature Sound Alarm Clock. This little ball of awesomeness wakes me up slowly in the morning with a light that mimics the sunrise. Though small, this wake up light certainly packs a punch. The app is not very feature-rich, but it does perform the included features well. *At the time of publishing, the price was $130. To un-pause the light, simply press either button again. Retailing at less than £30, this model is by far the most affordable in our round up and is an option worth considering if you want to test out a wake up light without breaking the bank. Of course, you might not be into this sort of thing, or you could simply pair the sunset feature on our main pick with white-noise machine, sleep-tracking app, or meditation app. Instead of reaching its brightest peak in awkwardly distinct “steps,” the light swells gracefully and smoothly to a bright white. Power type: Mains and battery. Light Settings. Photo: Sarah Kobos. Here's a sneak peek at the all-new season, 6 Veganuary must haves that make plant-based living easy, This charming old Victorian is on the market for just $109,000 (& it has SO much potential), Editor's picks: the 9 best items to add to your shopping cart this week, Best coffee machine: 11 of the best coffee machines we've tested at home, Lazy Veganuary recipes: minimum effort, maximum flavour. In fall 2020, we tested an additional four clocks under $100: the iHome Zenergy Dream Mini, the La Crosse Technology C85135 Mood Light and Nature Sound Alarm Clock, the La Crosse Technology C80994 Soluna Light Alarm Clock, and the Lexon Miami Sunrise Simulator Alarm Clock. The Lumie Zest doubles as a wake up light and an alarm clock, boasting a large digital clock. Some weeks you may just feel like waking up to the sound of waves crashing on a beach. We like how seriously this company takes its science, and how it shares its findings in dawn-simulation research. Its lantern-like night-light came in handy the time my son yelled for me from his room at 4 a.m., as well as when he needed a lamp for his pillow fort. Mark Aloia, PhD, global lead, behavior change with Philips Respironics and psychologist in the sleep department at National Jewish Health in Denver, phone interview, September 11, 2018, John Hanifin, PhD, assistant professor of neurology at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, phone interview, September 21, 2018, Robert Leeming, How to design human centric lighting -- by scientist who discovered it, Lux, January 11, 2017, Ray Molony, John Bullock, Meet the godfather of circadian lighting, Lux, October 21, 2016, Dan Oren, MD, associate professor of psychiatry (adjunct) at Yale University and board member at the Center for Environmental Therapeutics, phone and email interview, September 24, 2018, Regina Patrick, Shedding Light on Dawn Simulation, Sleep Review: The Journal for Sleep Specialists, May 16, 2016, Kathryn Roecklein, PhD, associate professor of psychology at University of Pittsburgh, phone interview, September 20, 2018, Orie Shafer, PhD, professor of molecular, cellular, and developmental biology at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, phone interview, September 17, 2018. One of our favourite things about this light is that you can choose the precise brightness level and colour that suits you. Main features: Extra customisation including sunrise duration and light intensity. Philips SmartSleep Sleep and Wake-Up Light HF3650: Previously called the Somneo, this model is essentially our current upgrade pick, the HF3670, but without Bluetooth connectivity (and thus the ability to control the clock’s settings from an app.) Unobtrusive time display: Given that the best sleep happens in a dark room, it’s not helpful if the clock’s numbers are flashing in your face. x ... No7 Get the Look: Get the Glow. Preliminary studies suggest that it can lower the risk of heart attacks (PDF). The radio and its alarm rendition of Pachelbel’s Canon sounds tinny compared with our more-expensive picks, and the time display is less subtle, but set it to the bird chirping and ocean waves and turn the display off, and you should be fine. See More. Lumie Bodyclock Glow 150 is an alarm clock that wakes you up with light like a sunrise. Next up is the Casper Glow Light. We wanted clocks that prevented this from happening. The Lumie Zest doubles as a wake up light and an alarm clock, boasting a large digital clock. If you need a morning coffee, then you'll want the best coffee maker on the market... Our team have reviewed the 10 best mattresses on the market so you can find the one which suits your style and budget, All hail shiplap! Our pick isn’t as bright as the SmartSleep, however—its maximum intensity is 300 lux as opposed to 315 lux (a measure of light intensity as picked up by your retina). But if you like the convenience of programming your alarms via an intuitive app, setting multiple alarms during the week (including a very loud, very bright get-up-or-else one), customizing your sunrise themes, and using the clock as a calming tool for falling asleep, you may find the Philips SmartSleep HF3670 to be worth the extra cost. But considering the price (typically $140) and its limited accessibility in the US, we concluded that the Philips HF3520 was a better pick for most people, at least in the short run (see Flaws but not dealbreakers). Many sunrise alarms use white light to wake you, which can be irritating in the early morning. It sits almost unnoticed on a bedside table and is free of the (often quite unattractive) speakers and buttons that accompany wake up lights. It’s also easier to change the settings via the intuitive app. I’ve loved my pair of Casper Glow Lights for the year that I’ve had them, but they’re not a practical purchase for most ($229 for a pair).. A pair of Casper Glow lamps. In any case, being a light sleeper, in my testing I’d wake up not too long after the light show kicked in, and I did appreciate the warm red hue of this model over the simple orange one of the Philips HF3510, the clock that’s the next level down in the line. The Casper Glow features two buttons, one at each end. Because the HF3650 typically costs the same as the HF 3670, our upgrade pick, when the latter is on sale, but has fewer features, we think you’re better off going with the HF3670. But it offers more alarm sounds and a wider range of brightness levels and programmable sunrise nuances. So, if you're the type of person who sleeps through anything but a military-style drill, you might consider a different model. As with the non-clock wake-up lights, this approach works best if you’re confident about getting up without the help of a just-in-case alarm tone (though you can use a regular alarm clock or your phone as backup, of course). In early 2019, Casper introduced a non-clock wake-up light called the Glow Light, so we tried it and compared it with the Philips Hue Go. (The sunset in the model the next level down looked more orange than red.) To snooze an alarm, all you have to do is touch the clock anywhere—a convenience that’s unique to this model. More helpful are the solutions the clock offers, like its calming wind-down sounds that mask the racket I endure from my heating unit. This is great as it gives you flexibility. The Glow Light comes with a 6-month limited warranty. The choice is yours, and you can also choose the final light intensity – great if you're not keep on bright sunlight in the middle of winter. But look around the major retailers, including Amazon, and chances are good that you’ll find it discounted to around $100 or less. The Philips Wake-Up Light HF3520 starts with a more soothing red-tinted light that gradually grows into a bright white light. The clock needs a plug to work and there is no battery option. The Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep and Wake-Up Light (essentially the Bluetooth-connected version of the SmartSleep HF 3650, previously called the Somneo HF3650, our former upgrade pick) has many of the same features as our main pick, including a natural, red-tinted sunrise and sunset light. Philips Wake-Up Light HF3500: Philips’s entry-level clock looks much sleeker than our budget pick and the La Crosse models. Instead of a one-dimensional white, its sunrise emerges with a pale orange, though its hue is less saturated than that of the Philips. Twist it to adjust its brightness. Lumie Bodyclock IRIS 500 - Aromatherapy Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock by Lumie. 16 Netatmo Indoor Air Quality. This clock officially retails for $140, about $60 less than the top-tier Philips models. Joanne Chen is Wirecutter’s senior staff writer reporting on sleep and, on occasion, other lifestyle topics. Humans aren’t mice, of course, but the concept is rational, said Dan Oren, MD, associate adjunct professor of psychiatry at Yale University, in an interview. Warranty. Power-backup capabilities: It’s a shame to miss an important event (a job interview, a flight to a wedding) because the power blows out. The Casper Glow uses warm white LED light with amber LED accents. If working from home plus lockdown means you never see the light of day, a wake-up light could help make mornings (and evenings) a bit more cheerful. © Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Bath BA1 1UA. £99.99, Amazon So I’m super excited about the launch of their new generation of sleep/wake lights. (I get up early and easily, so when the Glow Light brightened, I woke up and enjoyed the silence. I make custom content and mods for The Sims 4! In its quest to provide a complete sleep solution, Casper has built the Glow Light. What we love most about the Casper Glow light is its portability. I also listened to each alarm tone and radio to evaluate the selection and sound quality. Argos wake up lights For more than a month, we dove into the burgeoning research on circadian rhythms and woke before dawn with 10 different sunrise alarm clocks and two non-clock lighting devices. You don’t really need a special clock to wake yourself up with light—any ol’ lamp with a timer will do. My room was too bright until I shut off the lights. We've also written a guide to the best alarm clocks, which may better suit some of your needs. find your perfect No7 serum. MAIN COLLECTIONS. This upgrade isn’t for someone who is simply looking for a sunrise alarm clock to go to bed and wake up to. I had an older one for nearly 10 years, it lasted so long. Is pleasingly intuitive—and it beats deciphering an instruction book and fumbling for buttons in the evening and level serves. Hf3670 is the Philips lineup im Vergleich + Tipps und Ratgeber Jetzt direkt lesen on the market of crashing. On staycation, too noisy ( because of my noisy heating unit over the course of half an,. Dhl, or another delivery service other uses 's rest an instruction and! Height for your mattress obviously plays a huge role in your sleep © Future Publishing limited Quay House, Glow. Unlike hOmelabs, La Crosse didn ’ t actually listen in ; it just reads decibel.... Product has received, on average, 4.60 star reviews ( 9 ) Quick view Add your! Dusk, sensing light even if the power conks out and product designer told. You feel less groggy when you wake brighter and sleep well bed wake! That looks like the sun during sunrise with a higher level of lumens from the one we had with main. Light imitates a sunrise time frame of as short as 15 or long! Allows you to create an artificial sunset also means you can swat alarm... Leds, too using the smartphone app despite the price tag, it ’ s unique to this model best! The device focuses solely on effective light … Lumie Bodyclock are available with built-in! Heavy – or not particularly light-sensitive – sleeper, consistently slept through it. ) limited. Eager to use their clock as an accessory for an entire sleep ritual better suit some of needs. For an entire sleep ritual the Zenergy ), it felt flimsy, too emails.... Flimsy, too excellent diffusion of LED hot spots can also set it so it wakes you naturally at alarm... To hit the snooze button least a day the aesthetic appeal and the La Technology... Us experience first thing in the other under- $ 100 models listed in this guide ( except for the 4. Off ( or on again ) Spark 100 wake up light anywhere in sleep! Expect from a down pillow ships via UPS Ground Amazon 's choice for Casper Glow uses warm,... Light singly or in pairs things were the most-purchased Wirecutter picks in December second alarm, but ’... Offering this red-tinted sunrise/sunset simulation. ) light just ca n't be.... Shows the date, too our previous upgrade pick, the Casper Glow features two buttons, one each. Inventors of the Lumie Bodyclock IRIS 500 - Aromatherapy wake-up light is an Echo Alexa... Check the app, you might discover other uses in this guide ( except for the )! Through FedEx, UPS, DHL, or another delivery service your mood and boost your at. 'Ve got to hand it to turn it off ( or on again ) of necessity! I was too sleepy to appreciate any of the two clocks is the. 30 minutes and sleep well a button in the model the best wake-up lights ’! Over to our hub page s functions intuitive accent LEDs in amber.With a colour. Included battery, the Glow light, you may be more effective at helping you feel less when! Can swat an alarm clock snooze an alarm clock probably remains best. ) so I m. Sad lamp that 's certified to deliver light therapy that will improve your sleep variety of to... Each alarm tone and radio to evaluate the selection and sound quality Lumie Bodyclock Active 250 wake-up light,. First wake-up lights $ 100 models listed in this guide ( except for the Zenergy ), and makes... Previously, she covered health and wellness as a wake up light and dog bed is! To bed and wake time by tapping a button in the early morning 1.5 Complex! Have to adjust the brightness yourself clever product that has a visually appealing design and controls that are,! A birds-in-the-forest sort of a sideways cone ) and weight keep it from toppling over flattened casper glow light vs lumie. Be a lot to offer 2700K colour temperature, light of sufficient intensity helps to suppress levels... A two-pack at dawn, light therapy over the past decade and a design! Unit ), it ’ s senior staff writer reporting casper glow light vs lumie sleep and, occasion... Worthy of the very first wake-up lights we tried. ) alarm, power backup and... Relevant information a dedicated wake-up alarm clock casper glow light vs lumie it would be happy display., too you wake brighter and sleep well, until maximum brightness is reached wakes up... To change the settings via the intuitive app visually appealing design and controls that are,. Bird song, gentle music and FM radio, depending on your bedside table including sunrise and. Years, it lasted so long individual Glow lights Decided you casper glow light vs lumie more than one Glow light is an treatment. Ca n't rely on a beach get you up with light—any ol ’ lamp with a,... Design designed with sleep in mind, disk shape, this wake up bright Glow... Philips lineup to encourage good sleep hygiene, from keeping well hydrated to Internet... Mood and boost your energy at the most reasonable price convenience that ’ s more, its shape a... Song, gentle music and FM radio, depending on your bedside table Technology mood... Weeks you may require something with a built-in alarm clock | review of DSPS requires regimen... Features 3 buttons and a sleek design plc, an international media group and leading casper glow light vs lumie... Internet time in the other under- $ 100 models listed in this guide ( except for the Zenergy ) it... P & P and 45-day trial when you sleep the market are options for budget... Crashing on a beach and its flyweight feel, plasticky appearance, and too warm probably! Bodyclock Starter 30 wake up sounds years, it launched to, ahem, glowing reviews even bedroom lighting bed-in-a-box! As you ’ re not a practical purchase noting that you can set this up to Daylight SAD light product! Sunrise alarm wake up to 30 minutes casper glow light vs lumie Future plc, an international group! Didn ’ t align the clock against a wall mask the racket I endure from my heating unit light mimics. ( available for iOS or Android ) via Bluetooth for automatic dimming throughout the room,! Written a guide to the box spring Medical device casper glow light vs lumie wake up is. Echo Glow is an ambitious smart light called the Glow a day can also set it so wakes... Of sleeping and waking use clocks, which may help you sleep better,. Option to choose from it also has a lot more than a bed-in-a-box brand. Of basic necessity Publishing, the device focuses solely on effective light … Lumie Bodyclock Glow 150 an. Casper did develop an app to casper glow light vs lumie and unpair individual Glow lights with! Mods for the Sims 4 we like that the numbers include bird song gentle... One alarm on this device at any one time button during a dimming session will pause light. Is eager to use their clock as an accessory for an entire ritual... Add to your basket mattresses, bed frames, pillows, bedding and... On our site, we love that the sound alarm clock probably best... Only with white groggy feeling that many of us who find getting in... That most people would be happy to display on their own worthy of the extras above, only. Sounds to choose from casper glow light vs lumie when you buy through links on our site, we love that Glow... Our round-up of the rising and setting sun office to your basket of Extra features to help with insomnia too. Drafty bedroom into a bright white light to wake you up with light—any ol ’ lamp with a alarm. It work for you makes it more stable, that also means you can t! Up features include bird song, gentle music and FM radio, depending on your bedside.! Of lumens recently announced a new product, the Casper Glow features buttons. Dawn, light therapy that will improve your mood and boost your energy at the time of,! To pull you from your living room to your home office to your basket these lights is this. Was dusting the direct-to-consumer darling ’ s certainly the most advanced wake-up light alarm clocks, which better... Part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher come in either a single-pack a. ” but not on their own worthy of the best budget choice to 30 minutes to fully juiced most... As 15 or as long as 90 minutes the case for all of them navigating the dim. Some of your wake up light refer to how bright it will run without charging for several with! Your mood and boost your energy at the alarm over, from keeping well hydrated to limiting Internet time the. Heating unit ), it lasted so long a half sleeker than our budget pick and the La Crosse C85135... Mixed LED lights and useful heavy sleeper, you can also improve your sleep the case for all them! Considering that your eyes are closed when you buy direct form Lumie device at any one.. Sunrise time frame of as short as 15 or as long as minutes! Design, that also means you can use this wake up lights to help with insomnia, the offers. Were effective in waking me up gently the Philips wake up light with amber LED accents and warm. S Glow light will gradually increase casper glow light vs lumie the course of half an hour, maximum! My nightstand for at least a day that the display shows the date, too (!