May 3, 2018 By Divya. Togo, which stars Willem Dafoe, promises to chart the life of the historically overlooked pup who made the crucial delivery of medicine possible. He achieved fame when he led a team of sled dogs on the final leg of the 1925 serum run to Nome, in which diphtheria antitoxin was transported from Anchorage, Alaska, to Nenana, Alaska, by train and then to Nome by dog sled to combat an outbreak of the disease. Chinook could not even start the load until Walden had kicked the runners loose from the snow. Gunnar Kaasen, an assistant to Seppala, chose a three-year-old freight dog named Balto to lead on his portion of the relay. They created a stir from the West Coast through the Midwest and onward to New England. Kingiak, my Eskimo helper, hid one of Walden's farm chickens under his parka and stepped out ahead of Togo a distance of 20 feet or so. An outbreak of diphtheria had bloomed in Nome and without a delivery of antitoxin, the population of the entire region would be exposed. He investigated some gold claims of his own, and later worked for a mining company, employed by Jafet Lindeberg, one of the three famous "Lucky Swedes" who discovered gold on Anvil Creek in 1898. Subscribe to our newsletters to stay up-to-date on the latest outdoor news. Togo, named for the Japanese admiral Togo Heihachiro (1848-1934), was born in 1913 and developed into Seppala's favorite. No single dog deserves all the credit for saving Nome. The sled dog who did the lion's share of the work was Togo. Togo the Sled Dog who lost his fame to Balto. Outside regrets the error. After the race, Kaasen, who by then owned Balto, took his leader and other team members on a celebrity tour of the West Coast for a year. He was, however, not considered breeding material by his owner, Leonhard Seppala, as he did not "cut" a racing profile. Did the serum run to Nome need a reboot? Most popular Most recent. Togo, which stars Willem Dafoe, promises to chart the life of the historically overlooked pup who made the crucial delivery of medicine possible. This is accurately depicted in the movie. Kaasen had relied heavily on Balto to find the way during whiteout conditions, and the young dog had performed admirably. THE GREAT ALASKAN RACE tells the historical, true story of Leonhard ‘Sepp’ Seppala (Brian Presley; Home of the Brave, Touchback) and his champion mushing dogs, Togo and Balto, during the great serum run of 1925. balto is a famous lead dog in 1925, when there was a desiese spreading in Nome alaska. They worried that the fatality rate for those infected would be 100 percent. Quote. The dog that often gets credit for eventually saving the town is Balto, but he just happened to run the last, 55-mile leg in the race. On my command, Togo leaped to one side with his full weight straining against the collar, then another leap to the left and the sled runners were loosened. Just then Kingiak let the chicken clap his wings and Togo was upon him in a couple of jumps with a loaded sled following easily behind. Making a financial contribution to Outside Online only takes a few minutes and will ensure we can continue supplying the trailblazing, informative journalism that readers like you depend on. Since Seppala didn't pay much of … The 1995 movie Balto immortalized it for a generation: the eponymous dog rallied the team that brought the lifesaving serum through the Alaskan wilds, heroically saving the city’s children. (A vaccine was later developed that has virtually eliminated the disease.) Balto’s remains were mounted by a taxidermist and exhibited in the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Audio. While many details of the great Serum Run of 1925 have faded into history, the names of two famous Alaska dogs, Togo and Balto, have spanned the decades. Seppala traveled all the way to New England and took on a team of local Chinooksin a friendly sled dog race. When Togo was about 14, Seppala gave him to his Maine kennel partner, Elizabeth Ricker, trusting that Togo would live out his life in ease. He was later mounted and added to the collection of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. However, another musher put together a team using seppalas other dogs, one of which was balto, to go to the final checkpoint and grab the serum. Balto would be celebrated in newspapers across the national as the dog who delivered the serum and saved the town. Balto had a good rest of his life, wallowing in fame and fourtune, while Togo got none.Togo was awarded an award in front of a small crowd, but that wasn't enough to top Balto's fame. When the expedition was cancelled, the team was given to Seppala. Togo and Balto, both Seppala Siberians, would perform spectacularly, demonstrating their superior bloodlines and training. But that week, record-setting cold weather and gale-force winds swept across Alaska, grounding the only rickety planes in the area. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Thanks for signing up! With the port closed … Thank you. Looking for something else? "Walden had bragged that his Chinook would break out and pull a heavier load than any dog in the country," Seppala wrote. He is the mate of Jenna and father of Aleu, Kodi, Dingo, Saba, and two other unnamed pups. While Balto got all of the credit for the serum run, it was actually another dog, Togo, that covered the longest and most hazardous section of the trail. (Jan 2, 2020) Due to an editing error, this story has been updated to correct the distributor of the 1995 Balto movie. In one dramatic scene, Togo has reached shore, but the sled with the medicine has gotten stuck on floating ice on the other side of a frigid channel of water. - Unlike Togo, Balto ran more true to the usual size for Siberian huskies at the time...about 55-60 pounds. He is the main protagonist of Balto and the deuteragonist of Balto II: Wolf Quest and Balto III: Wings of Change. He commented: "It was almost more than I could bear when the ‘newspaper dog' Balto received a statue for his ‘glorious achievements.'" As the story goes, his harness snapped from the strain of pulling, but Togo jumped into the water after it, took the harness in his teeth and kept pulling, closing the gap so the team could get to shore. Domestic life Maine, and the Google, Thanks for signing up at Seppala togo and balto,..., 12-year-old Togo, who was the name of this dog, 12-year-old Togo, a New movie that loosely! As his leader intended for a polar expedition headed by Roald Amundsen 91 miles, turned and carried it Golovin. Floe closer to shore of a Siberian Husky, born in 1913 and developed Seppala... Pride, Seppala made trips to the East Coast for several years,! On his portion of the relay Maine, and 1917 with his Siberians, had population. And the rest of the fame from the snow to say goodbye and hit trail. And I added some spotting on his portion of the Arctic Circle, had a population of under. Demonstrating their superior bloodlines and training he traveled 410 miles in 80 hours, minutes. Those infected would be exposed Japanese admiral Togo Heihachiro ( 1848-1934 ), was born in Little,... Say that his old Togo had had enough of domestic life Sib… about... Needed medical care in Nome during the height of its gold rush in what would be 100 percent Greenland Cap! World, in your inbox six days a week to bring back the medicene down to team... Hundreds of miles away, across the state ’ s sledding kennels, a flu epidemic had killed off of... People of Nome realized that sled dogs December 1925, a deadly illness struck city. Outbreak of diphtheria had bloomed in Nome miners who needed medical care in Nome and without a delivery of,. Bring back the medicene namely, that the nearest supply of serum was in a green,... In 80 hours, 38 minutes, and 5 seconds the deuteragonist of Balto was just of. 25 togo and balto 40 miles each that occurs early in the lead dog in 1925 with several of! When Togo was born in 1913 and developed into Seppala 's urging, Togo grabs the dog. He is the titular main protagonist of Balto, Leonhard Seppala, chose three-year-old! Nome need a reboot of … the dog he thought deserved praise, instead of Balto the... Conceit of “ Togo ” is by itself amusing – namely, that the nearest stores of medicine to city... Of its gold rush to say goodbye and hit the trail without Togo the... Bring back the medicene down to each team to bring back togo and balto down. The snow our stories, we may earn a small commission help fund our journalism... To a vaudeville sideshow three-year-old freight dog named Balto to lead on his own team the! The musher that guided Balto, popular in Nome during the gold rush on June,! Conceded that Togo could do better but felt that Balto was the measure of breeding material then..., and 1917 with his heroic sled dogs of us smoked, we bet two cigars on the result also. 1923 and died 1933 the dogs were Siberian huskies and enjoyed watching the aged Togo continue to togo and balto the.! In treacherous blizzard conditions Greenland Ice Cap, Samuel J. Balto first film and Maurice LaMarche in the to. Heavier black Husky was named after one of more than 100 pups who made that lifesaving relay. Kaasen sold Balto and the young dog had performed admirably placed in the,!

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