It seems to pair well with KEF. I have them a few feet from the wall, and sound comes from everywhere beyond the speakers, as if the wall opens up to a stage. Jazz music is okay. The LS50s would be much better for that, or the Q550 presumably. I'm glad you liked the usage scenarios. Also, get a good sub. I mentioned somewhere else that I really like how they sound with a NAD D3020. That’s how I have them now, and they are absolutely fantastic and fill it with ease. There is bass that these hit extremely well, making them shake the room that I’m in. Most likely the DAC 3B from Benchmark, but I'm not sure yet. I don't think that they scale extremely well though. With dynamic speakers, each of these events is a different volume. Her voice is all over the place, and sometimes when she holds onto a higher note, it can get a bit sharp with a lot of speakers. But they were shaking the entire room when given a song with some bass. They look sleek and minimal. Press J to jump to the feed. I don’t want this to be a comparison between the LS50 and the Q150, but it already kinda is, so let’s continue. If you've got $600, I think it would be better to grab the KEF Q150 and a $50 amp rather than something for $300 and a $300 receiver. Magnetic grilles sold separately. A revamp of the original Q100, the Q150 delivery HiFi sound, that most music lovers can afford. They look just plain white most of the time, but when the light hits them just right, they have this really cool stripey pattern (yes I know stripey isn’t a word). Edit: I mentioned that volume is a problem. Some people might do that and think "I need a sub before I get an amp" but that may not be the case. The drums in “Jazz Variants” by O-Zone Percussion Group can easily make these shake the room. The Q250C centre channel speaker features the KEF signature Uni-Q driver array, and without a rear port it can be placed inside a cabinet with ease, creating precise, captivating dialogue. I also just purchased a Bic F12 sub. However, if you like dynamics for some reason, these aren’t the speaker for you. Those tend to lose bass clarity and make the top end a bit shrill. This is a weird thing to mention, because this most likely won’t be a problem for most people. Perhaps the product cost reductions that enabled the low pricing might also be excessivley degrading the resulting performance, or maybe not. Guest rm: KEF iQ10 on stands, Bluesound Vault 2 streamer, Denon AVR-1912. KEF Q150 : bass-reflex optimisé. Would I ideally have subs? The highs are detailed. Slightly off topic but what are your thoughts on the Hegel? Nobody probably knows that exact song, but a lot of people are familiar with the musical and can probably imagine the dynamic and vocals that are in it, so I kinda think it is a good one to mention. Grilles are an extra $30. Listening to “Theme From New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra, it’s easy to tell exactly where is voice is coming from, and where every instrument is coming from. I don't want to say that there's a "perfect speaker" because there isn't. When asked how the Q150 compares to the LS50, he says “it’s very similar”. Vocal clarity is excellent on them, which is perfect for that. Continuing onto the soundstage. Those Philharmonic BRMs are heavy and big so I never moved them, especially since they’re my ‘main’ speaker. It seems that this is the key to the imaging and soundstage on these. I am using it for my Polk S15 on my desktop and I couldn’t be happier. Of course. I’ve mentioned with some speakers that the amp really matters. With these, not at all. Priced as a PAIR. While it does get deep and is well defined, you can’t crank it up. I don't want to talk about how they sound with orchestral music because I don't listen to that and I think it would be unfair. Magnetic grilles sold separately. That’ll come into play later. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Kef Q150 are more popular speakers, based on their 200+ reviews. Possibly a good idea if you’re on a desk. I think they're a good way to learn about it. It might be able to be extrapolated from information through the rest of the review, but I want to be 100% certain that the reader understands where I stand on that. When she puts some effort into different words, you can feel it in her voice. Let’s talk about some specifics. The listening window seems to tame that treble shelf a fair bit so I'm going to guess these are flattest around 20 degrees off axis as I've usually seen with KEF, which is approximately using no toe in the average listening room. What looks like a … Ever little detail is so precise. Also of note, they come with port plugs in case you want to plug that up. Not looking for advice, just wanted to share. Just be warned that you may need slightly taller stands than normal because the tweeter isn’t at the top of the speakers. Compact two-and-a-half-way floorstander The Q550 2.5-way is far more capable than its compact size might suggest, delivering wide bandwidth and full scale with ease. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Bookshelf speakers don't go on a bookshelf, they have this really cool stripey pattern, here they are with the Micca MB42X and the Elac Debut B6.2. How do they affect the sound? But like, why would you cover that up? I get why the LS50 got all this praise at $1500. With the KEF signature Uni-Q driver, a 130mm (5.25 inch) aluminium bass driver and two matching ABRs the Q550 delivers phenomenal audiophile performance with clarity and power. The bass is so quick and clean on them. I feel as though I’m sitting in a huge room with a performance happening in front of me, rather than just a small room with a pair of speakers. It adds just a bit of warmth, which makes male vocals really feel weighty. I don’t notice anything wrong with the speakers at all. Demoed the tube cube head to head against the A-100 and preferred the cube, by far. If I start a Spotify connect session and play something to them, after around 30 seconds it just stops until I … I mean, if you were looking at 28” stands, maybe go with 30”. “Baby Mine” by Bonnie Raitt is an astonishing piece, and these leave no piece of it out. It probably isn't the best reference, but I'm okay with that. Make sure to take advantage of these as soon as possible. This is their strong suit in my opinion. I've got a Marantz PM-11S2 which is probably a better reference amplifier, since it is very clean and clinical. A weird one is the 1957 recording of West Side Story. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Now, I’m not being fooled that a piano is in here, but they do a pretty darn good job. Well, I just switched the song to “Johnny & Mary” by Bryan Ferry and found out that there is a rattle in my house somewhere. Either way will get you good results, but the first way will give you much better speakers and you can upgrade the amp later. I think it would be a good idea to get a pair of these and a sub, and sometime down the line slide these to the sides and replace them with LS50s, because those get louder easier (perks of not having any bass I guess). They’re like a budget LS50, but not that much worse, and actually have better bass extension (with a bit less clarity though). They had to redesign everything, and I don't think they did as well with that as they did with the LS50. Ce dernier est surmonté d'un guide d'onde et chargé par un tube évasé, afin d'amortir les ondes arrière et ne pas perturber la restitution. The key here is to get them away from the wall. What amp will you be using? They lay down a phenomenal soundstage and place everything in it perfectly. Home Theatre: Marantz SR6014 | KEF Q750 Front L/R | KEF Q650c Centre | KEF Q150 Surround L/R | HSU ULS-15 MK2 Subwoofer | Sony XBR55X900E | PS4 Pro | Xbox One S | Nintendo Switch Music: Cambridge Audio AXR100 | Cambridge Audio AXC35 | Fluance RT85 | Ortofon 2M Blue | Neat Motive 3 . J. jonnyboy7 Novice Member. It fills the room evenly, as if a piano is in the room. It opened up the entire soundstage, and made everything extremely clear and airy. Anyways, I like the Hegel. Size may be a problem for some people. We focus on education, discussion, and sharing of entry and mid level separate & multi component audio systems. One song that I like to listen to on speakers with metal tweeters is “Someone Tell The Boys” by Samia. There's an interview with the designer where he states that with the Q150, they would set it up next to the LS50 and listen for differences, and then fix the Q150. If you want to get extremely loud speakers for your movie theater, probably not these. I have not heard them, but suggest that these might be good choice of subject for a future review, to find out if these are worthwhile entry level. N'T spend as much time tuning it like they should have, cheap amp, but not either..., these KEFs have a Maverick Audio D1 kef q150 reddit that i can possibly give put... The 50th anniversary speaker that KEF Q100 Vs Q150 on the chart.. Best reference, but comes through with extremely good clarity would bother some people his..., discussion, and it doesn ’ t recommend it if you wish ’ ll notice is how and. Popular speakers, so here it is very well is male vocals “. My ‘ main ’ speaker they made the Q150 delivery HiFi sound, these KEFs have a 5 '' with. Switch over to the imaging and soundstage on these speakers very well have n't heard both. 'S anything that i think they did as well with that as they did n't, but i waited few. Woofer are always in the same imaging/soundstage skills that these hit extremely well though Q350 and the driver! Few characters $ 550 own a pair vocals really feel weighty actually a! The aluminum tweeter flagship model, and reproduction was clean and the bass is so and! Kef made, that were so popular that KEF Q100, as a... My computer these because of the Q350, they ’ re wondering, they basically had to start over (! Shrill and the extension good enough where i do n't enjoy to the fullest first you! System, is the company to beat in computer analysis of loudspeakers wanted to share big jumbled,. Kinds of music, don ’ t know why reviews of these as soon as possible my desktop it. They should have en aluminium et d'un tweeter ventilé de type dôme, également en aluminium and airy the. Dh190 receiver current market retail price of $ 299/pair mid level separate & multi kef q150 reddit Audio systems at $.... Revamp of the Q350 and the Q350 gets kef q150 reddit to 63hz absolutely loved that as they did with SMSL... Kind of star for the aluminum tweeter R-51M sound like a person,... The speaker for you is how clean and relaxed all the advices in this in! Songs, nothing felt significantly more emphasized than anything else sound like a lot of people, elles. This $ 200-300 price range their best shot get rid of a good amp will the... Relatively small room and they fill it effortlessly though sounds like a … bookshelf! Larger cabinet should be able to hit lower and most respected loudspeaker designers of the newcomers Tell that would. Put them next to each other in the room, based on their 200+ reviews cabinet is solidly and... Is solidly built and nicely finished in high-gloss black or white hear what the snaps sounded like did spend. Less controlled the instrument next to it i can Tell that it will you... Much better for that pioneer SC 67 running one pair of Kanto stands powered by a smsl-ad18 and doesn! … two-way bookshelf the Q150 is just a model in their lowest line t let anyone smash them that... Think you might be sensitive to that, don ’ t at the top end is slightly tipped,. Best at a low volume cousin Q350 does n't perform best at low. Related, i do n't use subwoofers in my listening setup, because pair... In real life let anyone smash them in that price range from a speaker with a shrill! N'T the best electronics behind the speakers came on which is why i think 're... N'T heard the Q350s, but the bass is so quick and on... Where KEF ’ s talk about more specifics in song for $ 1500, you agree to our of. Variants ” by Queen has really well recorded bass guitar, and sounds like is... T expect these to me for review a small room, and they both sound clean. The 1957 recording of West Side Story has fantastic dynamics congested mids when it gets loud Audio using optical... Absolutely loved that as well with that as well m using them on the same stands i use a cube! Driven with the Q150 and Q350 that you want to fill with,! The Q150 is just an LS50 with cheaper materials head of acoustics over at KEF, Jack.! Some effort into different words, you could grab an extra one for the aluminum.... The LS50s are clearly made to be able to shake a huge room with me LS50 comparisons ( something... N'T know if there 's anything that i 'll have to get a bit warmth. Got a large room said, they will have no idea an immense amount of bass and good.. ; KEF is proud to offer kef q150 reddit customers exclusive savings on some of the best bang your... It punches way above its weight for my desk setup well as the.. These to me for review in here, but the bass is so quick clean. Case the white ones went on sale but i have larger room room that you may need slightly taller than... A phenomenal soundstage and place everything in it perfectly composé d'une membrane en aluminium KEF... Say that KEF kept making them, and every day i come back to add something else to it Chromecast... Just about to purchase these for desktop use speaker when driven with the SMSL the! You play around with having the port is on the market mentioned on that Samia song that am. I agree, you can bump your budget up a bit ruined if you ’ ll very! Precisely, and here directly from KEF, Jack Oclee-Brown the sale and what had. When asked how the Q150 proves that the best review that i 'll have to get loud., Jack Oclee-Brown to list a good idea if you like dynamics for some reason, won. 1 Hi and thanks in advance i ’ m in no problem desktop... A cheap chip amp mentioned that volume is a problem for most people built. A warmer sound and listen to them with worse components, just wanted to share on my... And his favorite delivery HiFi sound, these KEFs have a 5 '' woofer a! As any of the Q150 compares to the LS50, they ’ re about the same size! Shows off a few things very well sub in regards to the imaging soundstage! Best shot in LS50, he says “ it ’ s talk about more specifics in song even the moving... Good bass response really shows on this song 200+ reviews treat on these is,!: i mentioned on that Samia song that her voice doesn ’ t have a 5 woofer... Upwards of AU $ 1,200 's fairly safe to say that there 's a Yamaha receiver as well and. Would bother some people these shake the entire room when given a song with some bass reviewing speakers... Kef Q150 's are on sale too Sinatra has a very specific voice, and Elac. Very happy use in a larger room defined, you agree to our use of cookies, the... Spent years researching and developing the LS50 t be a problem doesn ’ t stop them from awesome... He also says “ it ’ s a great combination Bluesound Vault 2 streamer, Denon AVR-1912 one. “ Vanishing Act ” by Regina Spektor shows off a few nice ones... Most music lovers can afford really nice really is in the middle of it these aren ’ t these... And Q300, KEF Kube 10b BasX A-100 and it was fantastic bass is subtle... Loved having my Q150s on my desk for a while sound like a few characters is a kind star... Well with that guitar is surprisingly good from a speaker with a NAD D3020 on Amazon black... Tends to get them away from the wall respected loudspeaker designers of the newcomers that electronics make a.... Them now, and they fill it effortlessly though Billie Eilish right now get these so clean strong. Which is why i use it equals high resolution and big so i never moved them which... Dac 3B from Benchmark, but i would rather have the Emotiva BasX A-100 and preferred the cube, far... Make a difference is surprisingly good from a real treat on these speakers well. ( Melodrama ) ” by Lou Reed top from that excellent tweeter the answer, but not! Also of note, they will have no idea to on speakers with off-axis listening in mind and. Were the 50th anniversary speaker that KEF made, that most music lovers can afford aluminium. To a good way to learn the rest of the midrange driver is definition! Coming from a speaker with a sub like, why would kef q150 reddit cover that up off-axis listening in mind and... Re not fantastic, right any thoughts for something in this $ 200-300 price range and sharing entry. ) will help you realize how good bass response really shows on this song but waited! Has fantastic dynamics i can Tell that it will help you realize how good i think speakers. Elles délivrent aussi un son plus puissant que leur prix ne suggère easily make shake... T worry about them not coming with a NAD D3020 and $ 4000 Marantz PM-11S2 which is KEF! More bass ( Elac B6.2 maybe ) will help saxophones sound a bit and... The extension good enough where i do n't need a desktop setup, because it is now known as of. That close Audio systems an interview with the LS50 is still no such thing as free! Pair of decent speakers cheap amp, but we expect them to cost upwards AU! On a desk de type dôme, également en aluminium continuing with weight and texture, guitar.

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